Your Brand is the story and imagery you build to communicate to your clients what you and your company represent.  Your brand is reinforced with everything you do.  Brands should be genuine and reinforce your companies focus and values.

Defining your brand begins with an inward look to define your companies values and key differentiators.

Sara will take you through and in-depth 3 module program that will help you define true brand, create a look and feel for communicating that brand, and design tools for you to use in that communication process. 

Module 1 - Discovery

This is a process of defining your companies brand personality and characteristics.  Looking inward to truly see what it is you are and who you want others to see you as.  It is important that during this process you are honest and true to yourself.  Trying to build an image of a company you WANT to be vs. what you really are will not be a sustainable image and will inevitable end in failure.  The output of this module is a clear understanding of what and how you want to portray your company to your clients. (Documented in a one page summary report)

  1. What do you do? What do you sell? Why do you do it?
  2. What makes you different from everyone else whose does a similar job?
  3. How do you believe other people perceive you?
  4. How do you WANT to be perceived?


Module 2 - Creation

This is process of taking what we have learned about who you and your company are and how you want the world to see you when they come in contact with you or any of your companies communications. (Whether that is through a physical meeting or through a virtual connection via your website or printed materials).  Building the BRAND look and feel that directly maps to YOU. 

We will review the outputs of the discovery process as input into building 2-3 potential branding looks for your business.  This can be a very personal process, so we always provide alternatives.  This process will take place over 2-3 business meetings to ensure that you as the client have the appropriate time to give feedback and FEEL great about the image that is created to represent you and your business.

Module 3 - Design / Implementation

This is the process of taking your completed Brand look and feel and applying that to the very specific designing of your businesses required outputs.

  • Business Cards
  • Ad Template
  • Flyer/Post Card Template
  • Letterhead
  • Thank you cards
  • Web Sites
  • Postcards / Mailers
  • Brochures
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Invoice Templates
  • Email templates
  • For Sales Signs