Don't know where to start?

You've worked hard on your business plan .... NOW .. do you have a brand strategy and marketing strategy that will allow you to drive revenue and grow your business to the size you believe it could be?

What business are you in?  Who is your target market? What is the best way to communicate with that market?   How do you design your brand and awareness campaign to best target your audience?

Sara Onyschuk has spent over 20 years in the corporate world in various sales and marketing roles. Including leading Xerox Canada's Global Services marketing organization.  She understands what it takes to engage an audience, and build a cohesive strategy to best communicate across multiple platforms.

Sara has also spent an extensive amount of time integrating Brand Strategy with corporate CRM, social media strategies. 

Sara's Brand Strategy service is a consultative offering.  Sara will work one on one with you to best help YOU build a direction and plan that suits your business and YOU! 

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your requirements.